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Altitude Creations grew from my life long passion for aircraft and flying. Growing up in rural America, our family talked about planes and flew planes whenever possible. My father had a Piper Cherokee and sometimes the kids would spontaneously pile in the plane, with Dad at the helm, and fly away just for a picnic. As soon as I was old enough, I pursued a private pilot’s license.

My design sensibility, love of art and fine craftsmanship evolved during my early career when I owned a frame shop in The United States. We built everything from the ground up and were famous for our innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship. People came from far and wide to work with us.

Since 2007 I have been married to an Aircraft Engineer and we live in the UK. My husband, two sons and I spend hours around the dinner table talking about planes and aeronautics. What fun!

This passion for planes, love of art, design, craftsmanship, and engineering, are the core factors in all the work we create at Altitude Creations: elegant and functional works of art from reclaimed aircraft.
We repurpose sections from decommissioned aircraft, giving them new life, as one-of-a-kind, functional as well as beautiful furniture for your residence or corporate environment.

Each individual piece reflects a bit of aeronautical history. We provide provenance, serial numbers and certification information about each aircraft part that is uniquely repurposed by Altitude Creations.

Talk to us about your dream designs and we will make your ideas take flight as custom furniture, to transport your corporate or residential spaces to new altitudes.

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